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Replacement router for frame-relay circuit

I have several 56K frame-relay circuits that use Cisco 805 routers.

Our current config is that we connect an ADTRAN unit (external DSU) to the telco circuit, then the router to the ADTRAN.  We use the ADTRAN because the 805 does not have internal CSU/DSU capabilities.

Our 805's need to be replaced, and I am wondering if there is another 800-series we could use.  One vendor suggested to us an 861, but I think this has only Ethernet ports, which leaves me wondering how we would make a serial connection.

Our preference would be to use a router that has an internal CSU/DSU, but we did not want the expense of something like the 1841 - unless we had no other choice.

Do you have any suggestions?  Would another 800-series with the external CSU/DSU remain our best choice?

Thanks in advance.

PS - I hope this is the correct forum. I did a search for this subject, but found nothing.  When I contact Cisco direct, they tell me to talk to a reseller - and I am concerned that the reseller suggestion may not be correct, and I want to be sure before laying down the money on 15 new routers.

paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

There is no other choice, you need a 1841 with WIC-1DSU-56K4 for this.

However I think your SP would be happy to upgrade from legacy to something like ADSL based MPLS, etc.

is there a similar card for the 19xx series router?

According to the data sheet, no.

Might be time to re think 56k frame. Some of the newer carier options have nice features.