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Router Interface Throughput Problem



We have a large industrial network with lots of Connected Grid Routers (CGR 2010) distributed in vast area. The considering point is that on all Routers , a switch module ( addressed  GRWIC-8PC) has been installed.

We desire to implement a network based on dark fiber backbone with the below conditions:

  • In each site which the CGR2010 has been installed on it, 4 fiber optic links arrive and departure.
  • To fulfill the situation in above mentioned, 2 built-in ports of Router and 2  Giga ports of switch module should be utilized.

The Problem is:

When all ports connect together based on the above figure, the received bandwidth in points A and B equal to 10 MGBPS. However, the expected bandwidth is 1GBPS.

In tests have been performed, built-in ports on CGR2010 ,support the bandwidth equals to 1G but the point should be considered is that the  traffics of Gig ports in switch,  while crossing from Port-Channel48 in CGR-2010 routers and switches backplane, enter to the 8 virtual FE ports. Finally , the bandwidth at end points would be 100MBPS.

The Answer is  needed

“ we  need to receive exact 1 GBPS in all ports of routers and Gig ports of switches”


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