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Router not joining EIGRP network

Richard Tapp

I built 6 routers in a test lab, each one had a L3 /24 connection into a L2 VLAN on a test switch. 2 of the routers provide onward links into our company network/internet and the other 4 will be remote sites only with connections via the 2 main sites.

In the lab it was fine all 6 routers could see the full routing table. Since then I have started to ship the remote routers out to their final locations, the 1st one conencted up OK and can still see the full routing table.

The 2nd one is connected to the network OK, I can reach the internet via one of the main sites and I can connect / ping the router OK.

But it will not connect to the EIGRP process. I have checked and the EIGRP config is exactly the same as the working router, latency back to the main 2 routers is under 30msec.

In 'show ip eigrp events' I do see this message, which none of the other routers show.

i/f delayed net add: 10.x.x.x Vlan10

i/f delayed net add: 10.y.y.y GigabitEthernet0

router eigrp 10

network 10.x.x.0   

I am using the same summary on all the routers, this worked in the lab and is still working on the other 3 routers that are currently connected.

Any help would be appricated.

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Peter Paluch
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Richard,

A couple of questions:

  1. From the second router, can you successfully ping the first router that runs EIGRP?
  2. Can you post the output of the show ip eigrp neighbor and show ip protocols from the second router?
  3. Is the connection between your two routers a Layer2 VPN or a Layer2 circuit, or is it a routed interconnection? In particular, are the first and second router on the same IP subnet?
  4. Is the connecton between your two routers capable of carrying multicasts?

Thank you!

Best regards,