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Routing problem with packet tracer


Hello everyone,

I'm learning the ropes of networking with packet tracer and I need a little help.
Here the sample network I've been working on.
I have a LAN with some VLANs connected to a router on a stick, cisco 2811. No problems on this end.
That router is connected to one of the 6 routers owned by the ISP.
They are connected to each other in a partial mesh using OSPF protocol.
Supposing now to have 5 more LANs connected to as many ISP routers.

The problem is that I can't ping devices through the ISP network.
I just can ping the first IPS router.
Of couse I missed something...
Please have a look at the attached .pkt sample.
Thanks in advance anyone who wanted to give me some advice and corrections on it.

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from which IP address to which IP address can you not ping ? Did you open the file I sent ?

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Georg Pauwen
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I have looked at your file. The problem is (all) IP addressing. Four of your routers do not have IP addresses at all. The rest of all IP addressing is wrong. In all, my guess is to fix this, it will take a couple of hours at least.


What are the requirements for the IP addressing ? The file says the public ip address space is Where are the 10.x addresses coming from you are using ?