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RPS status in use but only have one PS

On a 2811 the redundant power supply is show ing in use and causing our monitoring station to create "power supply failure" alarms.  The power supply was replaced but no change.  Is there something else going on here?  Is there a bug for this?  I thought the 2811 only has one power supply.  Below is the output.  This is the IOS:  c2800nm-advipservicesk9-mz.124-22.T1.   Thanks

2811Router#sh environment all

Main Power Supply is AC

Redundant Power Supply is attached
RPS status: in use

Fan 1 OK
Fan 2 OK
Fan 3 OK

Fan Speed : Normal

System Temperature: 24 Celsius (normal)

Environmental information last updated 00:00:28 ago

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I'm running into this same issue on a 2811. There is only one PS, but because the router says it is on RPS, we get an alarm.

  In my case there was an external power supply connected.  Since I do remote troubleshooting, I was told that there was no external power supply and assumed there was a problem with the router.  After getting correct information, the field tech hit the Active/Standy button to reset the port on the RPS

here is the 2811 display:

if you zoom in, you'll see a plug that says Optional RPS Input.  That's where the RPS goes.  Check if there is an RPS plugged in.

Here are some external power supplies:

In Figure 1-8 you can see the Active/Standby button.  The light should be steady green on the port that connects to the router.  In my case, it was port 1.


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Are you using a RPS2300? If so, try switching off the power on the RPS manually

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