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RV130w Inbound connections stop working.

Kerry Kriegel

I recently installed an RV130w on the edge of a small network.  The router has a WAN connection with three VLANs on the inside.  VLAN 1 and 4 are trunked on LAN port 1 to a Cisco 3750G.  VLAN 7 is "untagged" on LAN port 4 to a separate entity that utilizes a LinkSys e1700 that I do not control.

The setup, configuration, and installation went smoothly.  There is the default "allow all" outbound rule, and the only inbound rules are the single port forwards for specific services, i.e RDP to a domain controller, ssh to the 3750G.  There is also a remote management ACL to the RV130w on port 443 (port 80 is disabled).

All services are up and online after the initial install and a clean reboot.  After several hours, all inbound connections fail.  No ssh to the switch, no rdp to the PC, no https to the router.  All outbound traffic continues to flow with no problems.  After a reboot, all inbound begins to function as expected.

I have not created any schedule, the table is empty.

Any ideas about why this occurs?

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I take it your WAN IP address on the RV130 is fixed? What does it connect into? An MPLS cloud or other service provider network? Just wondering if something is happening with the IP address changing or some kind of DNS issue.

When it occurs I would try to ping the WAN interface and then telnet to one of the ports that should be open from a remote location.


Thanks for replying.

The inbound traffic is down again after about 24 hours.

Ping to the wan interface is working fine.

All outbound traffic is working fine.

Inbound ssh port forward to the 3750G is refused.

Inbound rdp port forward to the domain controller times out.

Inbound https to the RV130 times out (http and telnet are disabled)


Any other thoughts are appreciated.

I'm experiencing this same issue.  Tried the workaround of using port range forwarding but no go still.

Any fix?

Kerry Kriegel

Problem found.


- Port Forwarding stops working after a while
- Starts working again after rebooting router

- Port Forwarding configured

- Only known workaround is to reboot the router
- Will work for a while


Great.  I get to reboot a customers router on a daily basis.  :-(


Same here. RV130 with latest FW. Forwarding just stops and only a reboot fixes it. And then calls the customer :((

i have completely the same issue.... :/

For those still having this problem, the solution (workaround) has been found.

The issue is with the single port forwarding.  To get around the problem, remove the single port forward and create a port forward range (of one port).  

i.e. range start 3389 end 3389

My Rv has been running for over a month and no more lockups.



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