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Setting up RDP, and now cant access network


Hi All,

Not sure if this is the right area or not, but I was setting up RDP access on our ASA for a new terminal server, and did not finish, and a couple hours later I could not access the network at all.  There was no RDP setup to start with, but I have a monitoring tool on all of the workstations, and servers, and now it shows they are all offline.  I can usually RDP through the tool, but now cant.  I also cant access the network through the VPN, as it says it cant reach it.  OWA is still working so some traffic is still getting through.  I setup a network object on the asa for the remote computer, and setup, and access list to the remote server, from the wan ip address.  Everything seemed ok, but now the VPN isn't working, and cant access anything on the network from the tool I have installed.  Is there anyway to access the ASA remotely, as I am not onsite, or any other thoughts?

Thank you in advance.                  

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There is so much missing in the post to know where to start. I am guessing you have inspected all your acl's? Even adding specific statements to try and catch missed data not covered in your acl's? Do you have any static statements to add for crossing interfaces? Have you checked for any log related issues?


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if asdm is setup and the http server is enabled and your address is allowed to http to the asa and the port is 443

https://ip address of the asa

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