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Hi,I asked many questions about this topic but, I haven't gotten the answers I need to move forward. With the 5505 I want to connect two sets of users to the Internet but, I want to keep the two sets of users seperate. I need to upgrade the license t...

I am trying to configure QOS on a Cisco 861 router. The problem we are trying to solve is that when someone downloads a file from the internet it causes the RDP sessions that connect to an offsite server to slow down tremendously. I no very little ab...

Dear alli have a vmware in my datacenter with many vps.i want to know wich solution is better for security in this senario.private vlan or using vrf?is there any compaire between vrf and private vlanthank you

Hi,I am attaching the network digram. I have two routers and one ASA. One router is connected to DMZ and one is connected to Inside interface. I am thinking two options to configure the routing. 1) Understanding the ASA doesn't support BGP, I prefer ...

Joe Lee by Beginner
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hello expertsi need your help regarding belowi have 2 routers , one localy at our H.Q , and the other in remote side .the 2 routers connected through WAN with each other . what i need is to make some configuration at the remote router to shut down an...

Hello to All,i am trying to implement a 4-wire shdsl line (2 shdsl lines - bounded) to a cisco 888 router with the below configuration but the line is not getting synchronized.controller DSL 0 mode atm line-term cpe line-mode 4-wire enhanced dsl-mode...

methos365 by Beginner
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I need to order a CISCO881, only CISCO881-K9 is available.I checked everywhere, still not sure if it is enough for me. We used to buy Sec-K9I've got an adsl modem in bridgemode in the front. As only 1 IP provided by ISP, I need 881 to be able to pass...