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Setup Cisco 3650 with a working UniFi Gateway Router??

Hopefully this can be done. I have tirelessly looked through the forums and tried to see if others can do the same and tried different configs but no go.  Here is what I am trying to do.

I have a USG Router with 2xWAN ports and 1xLAN port WAN1 = ETH0 = receiving internet from another Linksys router ( connected to a Comcast. This is working just fine, no issues.


LAN1 = ETH1 = and the USG is managing dhcp and routing for this network with IP Address


UniFi gateway WiFi access point connected on LAN1 of this port with POE Injector. 


On this as well I have a seperate VLAN55 with a seperate network. Works just fine.  


This as well is working fine.


On the USG Router there is a WAN2/LAN2 port for a seperate network.  ETH2:  DHCP managed by USG at When I plugin a PC to this, I get an IP address on this subnet and can connect to the internet just fine. 


I have a Catalyst 3650 Layer 3 Switch that I would like to integrate as a test.  Purpose: Have the layer 3 switch manage its own internal network i.e., DHCP and VLANS and have the USG to route just the internet traffic in and out.  I would like for the 3650 to have for example:


Int gi1/0/1 connected to ETH2 on the USG.

##Do you recommend switch port access or trunk?  I have tried trunk but the USG Routers ETH2 does not support trunking.  I would need to buy a USG L3 Switch to get this method to work##   


Int VLAN 100

IP address

No shut


IP DHCP pool pool100



I tried helplessly to get this to work using up routes and putting everything on VLAN1; using the USG for dhcp and after hours, I just wiped the config clean on the 3650. It has the latest iOS Gibraltar. It’s blank on a clean slate. 


Any ideas or suggestions?  Thank you all in advance for your time.

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Re: Setup Cisco 3650 with a working UniFi Gateway Router??



post a schematic drawing of your topology that shows how your devices are interconnected.

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Re: Setup Cisco 3650 with a working UniFi Gateway Router??

Hope I remember now I see you have posted 2weeks back the same post made as a solution :




is something broken later?


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