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Strange Problem Witth Asr1002 Fix RP1

Hi Dear Firend I set /32 Ip on loopback interface on ASR 1002 router


Router have not any Config ACL

but when ping ip address donnot reply to me


I change IOS version Upgrade modules By romon to version 16

But problem Still Exists


Pls Help Me




Georg Pauwen
VIP Master VIP Master
VIP Master



a few questions:


Where are you pinging from ? Can you ping the loopback locally, that is, when connected through the console ?


Post the config of your router...

I ping From console router CLI own Loopback Ip address



so how is your loopback reachable from the outside ? Do you announce the loopback address through a routing protocol, or static routing ?

I set /32 subnet  on loopback1


I ping from own router by console Connection


ping source loopback1

hello wrote:

I set /32 subnet  on loopback1


I ping from own router by console Connection


ping source loopback1

Just to confirm the below doesnt work, if so it must be a bug unless you have something netgaing it?


int lo1
ip address
no shut
ping source loopback 1

Apply this and post out
access-list 100 permit ip host any
access-list 100 permit ip any host

debug ip packet detail 100
debug ip icmp

ping source loopback 1 repeat 1


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Kind Regards

There has already been a request to post the router config. I would suggest that the output of these commands might help us to identify the issue

show ip interface brief

show ip route






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