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Upgrade Flash disk 12000 router

Hello Dear,

I am doining a flsh upgrade for 12000 router ...  I am following this guidelines

when i do show version | i image

System image file is "disk0:c12k-os-mbi-3.6.0.CSCsy28524-1.0.0/mbiprp-rp.vm"

but at doc it says :

System image file is "disk0:c12k-os-mbi-3.6.0/mbiprp-rp.vm"

i think my image has something wrong. what do you say ?

actually from step 1 to 16 was going smoothly , but step 17 doesnt go ... and i jump to Flash Disk Upgrade Abort Procedure section and i rollback to old flash disk and now it is working ....

Regarding to step 17,

why standby PRP is not ready , it shows no valid partner ?

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Ivan Shirshin
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Ahmed,

By the name of the image it seems this is engeneering special with fix for this DDTS CSCsy28524 - not an official release.

Do you have any logs from the upgrade time showing errors, outputs, etc.? Redundancy could fail due to various reasons.

Kind Regards,
Ivan Shirshin

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Kind Regards,

Hello Dear,

at first i thank you so much for your support in advance .... let me clarify this issue :

Regarding to this doc :

i went through the whole steps and they were going smoothly till step 16, at this step the standby PRP should be in ready state but in infact it is not .

when excute

rommon 2 > boot disk0:mbiprp-rp.vm

got this error :

Install (Node Preparation): Failed to sync some packages or meta-data.

Insthelper encountered a fatal error condition, and is exiting: Error value = (2732525568), Error string = ('Install Helper' detected the 'fatal'

condition 'Internal error')

then it will back to rommon mode normally

Excute show redundancy ar active PRP , it shows :

Node 0/5/CPU0 is in ACTIVE role

Node 0/5/CPU0 has no valid partner

because the standby PRP does not boot successfuly from his flash disk

the System image is : show version | i image

System image file is "disk0:c12k-os-mbi-3.6.0.CSCsy28524-1.0.0/mbiprp-rp.vm"

is there any special procedure for this image ?

and i failed to rollback to image at old flsh disk ... i follow this section Flash Disk Upgrade Abort Procedure
at that doc but it didnt work.

please advice for this case.




it is done successfully



Glad to hear that. Would it be OK for you to post here what was the issue and how you fixed that, for others use later?

Kind Regards,

Kind Regards,

Hello my dear Ivan,

yes for sure , that will be my please to share information with others ...

i faced different issues:

1- my router was working at slot5 as active RP and slot4 as standby RP, when i was try to upgrade the flsh disk i face a corrupted image at active RP ( my bad luck ) , i bring another flsh disk that has same IOS and put it into disk0: at standby RP than boot from the system image , starts booting and sync with active.after completing and standby becomes ready i did switchover, it was done nicely.

2- again start the flsh disk upgrade but slot4 as active and slot5 as standby, then it was going on smoothly

my next plan to upgrade the IOS-XR to 4.0.3 ,,, see u till than .. any comment or question is warmly welcomed

Thanks, Ahmed.

Kind Regards,

most welcome Ivan,actually i am the one who should thank you ... keep in touch

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