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VRF Route Leaking Not working as expected


I am running 2 VRF's between a CE and PE

*VRF's name: DATA and SECURITY

*In the PE - I do route leaking (Importing the routes in each VRF).

*In the CE, I expected the DATA routes in the SECURITY table and I expected the SECURITY routed in the DATA table

*I do not have any route maps.

*In the PE, I see the advertised touter to the neighbors (or to the CE).

*In the CE, i do not see the received-routes.


See attached for the show commands.


Please help.


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*Yes, the backup link will be connected in R7 in the DATA VRF and will be running EIGRP. I am going to redistribute the EIGRP routes into BGP.

*Once R3 learns the routes via EBGP (DATA VRF)- I am going to leak them into the SECURITY VRF in R3 -- So that the routes can go back down to R7 in the SECURITY VRF Table. 

I will make lab ASAP and send you config 

Hello MHM, where you able to replicate this in the lab?

I do lab for OSPF/EIGRP 

this is single link "port"if you use ethernet then :-
1- you can config vrf-lite 
vrf-lite use encapsulation dot1q and hence can make two separate interface for same port.

2- you can config VLAN 
one vlan for Data 
other vlan for voice 
each vlan use separate vrf. 

this make Site have two path one via OSPF/EIGRP other via eBGP

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