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Hi All,

I asked this in the ASA forum, but also looking for the Router equivalent.

I'd like to see if a Router/ACL is blocking / dropping traffic when I try to connect to a server. I'm basically getting timeout errors every so often, and want to see if it's the router which is in the path of the traffic.

What's the best Debug command to run to see IP traffic in general and check if the router is causing issues with my requests? Can I filter the debug via IP so I can narrow it down to whatever my source IP is for example?


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blau grana
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you can run debug with ACL, but be careful, this is certainly not the type of debug which should be run on core device

Best Regards

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I would not use a Debug for that. You may always use the "log" option in the ACL to see if the router is dropping any traffic. It will tell you the protocol, if it´s an extended ACL, source IP and destination IP addresses. Also the source MAC address, if you use the "log-input" option.

Another way to see if there are drops, is with the output of show ip traffic.

I would leave the "heavy artillery" for more complex problems or if you are not able to solve this issue with the other less intensive methods.

Hope this helps,


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