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Rich Yim
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

From, page 71. It said:


WhatsApp Image 2020-08-25 at 15.30.49.jpeg


First, there are three types of deployment:
1) Standalone (support High Availability using 1+1)
2) Hybrid - Two Admin Node (Physical) and up to 5 Services Node (Physical)
3) Full distributed / dedicated deployment - 4 Admin Node (Physical) and up to 50 Services Node (Physical)


If I will go for Hybrid deployment using SNS 3695. I will have five SNS 3696 in a clusters as PSN. Each 3695 should able to server 100,000 session from the table in the bottom left corner. However, in the top table, it said the Hybrid mode can support up to 50,000 sessions. It is kind of confusing. 


If I will use standalone SNS 3695, it can support 50,000 active sessions. If I will use 5x SNS 3695 in Hybrid deployment, it will support 50,000 active sessions. The number is the same. Why should I go for Hybrid deployment?


Moreover, I will likely go for Full distributed, dedicated deployment. How can I scale the PSN for malls guest wifi? In other words, how many guests can be supported by one PSN? Then I can use simple calculation as:

Malls visit count = number of PSN x number of guests sessions 


Please help.

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