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Announcing ISE 2.7 as Recommended Release

Cisco Employee

The ISE Product Management team is excited to announce today another milestone in building zero-trust within the workplace and upgrading ISE 2.7 to the Recommended Release status for Cisco Identity Services Engine. ISE 2.7 was released on November 19, 2019 and has undergone an additional six months of improvements based on real-world customer deployments to increase stability and performance. Any Critical Customer Found Defects (CFDs) have been addressed in 2.7 patch 1. ISE 2.7 is definitely shooing a track record of quality – starting from the lower number of critical customer-found defects ever, through highest quality metrics that we are tracking – all of the leading and lagging indicators show progress which externalizes in more customers trusting us.


As of today, customers who arrive to the ISE Software Download Page will see that ISE 2.7 has a blue-on-yellow star next to it, marking 2.7 as the release we recommend customers to download and deploy.


Impact / Action: Customers who are planning to build a new instance of ISE or who want to upgrade can now confidently deploy ISE 2.7 to gain:  


Simplified experience for customers/guests with Guest Auto Login to give guests the flexibility to log in, without credentials, after sponsor approval. We have made other enhancements to improve the guest user’s experience, including allowing guests to use something they will always remember, their phone number as a temporary username, and allowing guests to reset lost passwords without disrupting your day.  


Enhanced visibility to properly identify and profile endpoints. As we embrace a zero-trust framework, it is essential to identify and classify endpoints with confidence to effectively control access of an endpoint to only mission-critical network resources. The new Endpoint Profile Ownership architecture available in ISE 2.7 profiling services, is faster and more reliable to ensure you provide secure network access without shutting down business objectives.  


Innovate at your velocity with a cloud-enabled interactive assistant built into the UI. Gain step-by-step guidance with automated workflows to empower advanced uses cases.


Increased efficiency when deploying network segmentation policy. HTTPS REST API replaces the existing RADIUS protocol to instantly provide all the required TrustSec information to the network devices to ensure that you have security that moves as fast as you do.  


Flexible security with secure SMTP with TLS/SSL encryption for all email notifications. Choose either digital certificates or passwords for authentication – protection that suits your needs.


As we continually innovate and improve to provide secure network access to our customers, it is essential to note that this announcement does not diminish any support for 2.6. We will continue to support ISE 2.6 with critical patches.


To learn more about ISE 2.7 and to download the newest release today, please see the links below.  

Software Download Page 

ISE 2.7 Release Notes  




I was under the impression that there was a convention that even number releases represented Long-Term-Releases (LTR) whereas odd numbers represented short-term-releases (STR)

In the past LTRs have always been the recommended release train for general use and STRs were used for specific features.

With 2.7 now the recommended release has this guidance been removed?






Is there an upgrade guide for ISE 2.7?

Cisco Employee