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Hi Experts, As I know, Progammable VXLAN Fabirc have anycast gateway which reside on every TOR(VTEP). The layer3 traffic will forward  by local VTEP. What about if I want to deny some traffic between two subnets or VNIs? I must configure ACL on ev...

Hele Du by Beginner
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Hi, I am facing some design challenge while designing the DC architecture. 1. I have only 4 ports of routers. Two are used for up link connectivity (bundled) towards ISP and other 2 are used for down link connectivity (bundled)2. Do i really need to ...

I noticed that we have a mismatch between VRF-ID's in our N5K switches. Will this be an issue in the future? I haven't noticed any problems so far...   It's visible when running 'show vrf' command: Switch-001# sh vrfVRF-Name VRF-ID StateVRF-A 11 UpVR...

Dear experts, I would like to know any simulator for Nexus 9K and Nexus 5k, so I can test VDC/VPC and ACI I prefer the interface of webiou, where we can design our topology, but I check webiou or GNS, we can't create toplogy for N9K and N5k, so any ...

I was given the attached design to implement a pair of PA 5050's between the user segment and the data center. Can anyone tell me if this is a valid LACP connection? I have never seen it done without a Stacking or VPC link on the other end of the por...

Hello, for a school project, I created a Datacenter, a client and an ISP. For the client to access the website on the web server I put the IP of the R-DC router ( on the PC as the DNS server. On the D-RC router, I forwarded the port so th...

Badjoras by Beginner
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