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Data Center Aggregation/Access SW Nexus

Shakeeb AlDari
Level 1
Level 1

i have a design scinario for backup email data center, some difficulties faced when trying to match the requirements to Boxes.

the design required a Nexus 5548UP with addition to 2x Virtualized Data center switches, also it required 12 x CPU license for VM Virtual Network Switch. i suggested to add Nexus 1000 series but the consern is can i use it without adding Nexus 2k . if i have to use N2k and N1k what is the best configuration scinario?


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Shakeeb,

I don't understand your question very well, but I will try clarify some points.

You don't need a Nexus 2000 if you have enough ports available in your Nexus 5500, even if you will use nexus 1000v.

In this scenario what I recommend to you is connect the both Nexus 5548 each other and create a vpc with upstreams routers and downstream blades and storage.


Thanks Richard,

so i can use Nexus 1000 directly with N 5500, this is a portion from what i am looking for. getting deep in the requirements it seems that solution is near to the VBlock design from cisco.