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Resolved! N1Kv - change management vlan

Hi experts,I am very new to this virtual switch product. We run VSMs on Nexus 1010. It currently uses different vlans for management and control.svs-domain  domain id 200  control vlan 2890  management vlan 643  svs mode L2We want to change the vlan ...

Difan Zhao by Contributor
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Redirect traffic destined for an IP on Server 1 to go to Server 2 at DR Site?

DNS is what I'm using for most of my subnets. The problem is that I have a handful of subnets that have devices that are under the control of an outside agency. Those devices access a server in my DC by pointing to the IP Address. If I performed a fa...


Hi all,I'm trying to configure N1KV for Hyper-V using REST API and Powershell. To do it, I'm following this guide:

Nexus 5596T connecting to 3comm 5500

Good Day all,I have a query. Our customer will be changing out their 3comm core switch and placing in a nexus 5596 switch instead. There access switches will now be connecting to the 2 5596T switches that will be clustered.Can a single 3comm switch b...

rramlal by Beginner
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I just installed two switches connected with a NEXUS 5506UP vPC link consists of two links 10Gigabits. I configured in both HSRP NX5K for managing redundant routing local VLANs.Both NX5K are connected to a firewall via two links Etherchannels in L3 m...

N7K Port Channel Layer 3 VLAN Question

I have 2 N7K switches and would like to connect them via port channel and put the channel in VLAN 101. I have the following config, does it make sense? Thanks in advance!interface eth 3/1 switchportchannel-group 101 mode activeinterface eth 3/2 switc...

andrewcai by Beginner
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storm-control / Nexus 1000v

I have enabled storm-control at my access layer (C4K), and I'm happy with the results -- every few weeks, someone creates a loop using a mini-switch, storm-control shuts down their port before they can take out that floor.interface GigabitEthernet2/1...

N1Kv License

Hi Pal,I want to ask if anybody ever got the same issue like me as this follow?ES-N1KV# sh modMod  Ports  Module-Type                       Model               Status---  -----  --------------------------------  ------------------  ------------1    0...

Steps To Replace Nexus 5596UP Chassis

I had 1 port become loose and the Gbic would stay snuggly in. I put in a TAC Case and was sent a replacement chassis. Now I need to transfer all modules and license to the new chassis during a maintaince window. I am trying to come up with a step by ...

dohogue by Beginner
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UCS Firmware upgrade 2.1.1f to 2.1.2a

                   We tried to upgrade UCS firmware from 2.1.1f to 2.1.2a, initially with autoinstall infrastructure                    however, the system hangs with IOM upgrade !                    any advice how to escape from the autoinstall ?   ...

Resolved! N5k power seq upgrade

Hi guys,As part of the N5k upgrade process, the system outputs the info below:Module 1: Refreshing compact flash and upgrading bios/loader/bootrom/power-seq.Warning: please do not remove or power off the module at this time.Note: Power-seq upgrade ne...

minghui.qi by Beginner
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