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Failed to Create VDC in N7k

I am getting the following error when I try to create a new VDC in a nexus 7000 running 5.1..

I only have the default vdc and one other?

csuso-n7k-a(config)# vdc new

ERROR: VDC create failed: System is low on memory. VDC creation not allowed.

Is this actually  a memory resource error or is this telling me something else like license issue etc???

Thanks for your help..

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Reza Sharifi
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Are you in admin vdc when you issue the command?

also how much memory do you have?

The following guidelines can help you determine whether or not to upgrade an existing supervisor module:

When  the system memory usage exceeds 3 GB (75 percent of total memory), we  recommend that you upgrade the memory to 8 GB. Use the show system resources command from any VDC context to check the system memory usage:

Nexus-7000# show system resources

Load average:   1 minute: 0.47   5 minutes: 0.24   15 minutes: 0.15

Processes   :   959 total, 1 running

CPU states  :   3.0% user,   3.5% kernel,   93.5% idle

Memory usage:   4115776K total,   2793428K used,   1322348K free <-------------

If you create more than one VDC with XL mode enabled, or if you have more than two VDCs, 8 GB of memory is required.

link for more info:


Thanks for reply.

I currently have only 2 vdc's trying to create a 3rd.

I am in the admin vdc.see following output..

csuso-n7k-a# sho vdc

vdc_id  vdc_name                          state               mac                 lc     

------  --------                          -----               ----------          ------ 

1       csuso-n7k-a                       active              f0:25:72:a9:c8:c1   m1 f1 m1xl

2       DC                                active              f0:25:72:a9:c8:c2   m1 f1 m1xl

csuso-n7k-a# sho system resources

Load average:   1 minute: 0.42   5 minutes: 0.27   15 minutes: 0.24

Processes   :   524 total, 1 running

CPU states  :   11.9% user,   4.1% kernel,   84.0% idle

Memory usage:   8254672K total,   2178928K used,   6075744K free

Here is error:

csuso-n7k-a# conf t

Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.

csuso-n7k-a(config)# vdc new

ERROR: VDC create failed: System is low on memory. VDC creation not allowed


This weekend we did an upgrade to


I suspect that in the course of upgrade/reboot we fixed the fail to create VDC problem...

Thanks for any replies..


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