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Inter-dc VPC with L2 and L3

See diagram. I need Layer 2 extended a couple of VLANs between two data centers (Let's say SVI lives in one Data Center only), but I also want to do Layer 3 between two Data Centers for regular inter-DC routing. What are my options to route between N5K's on the left and N7K's on the right? I only have two links, and I have no support for OTV. Can I just create one non-VPC VLAN on the top link with a /30 SVI on two sides, and another non-VPC VLAN on the bottom link with a /30 SVI on two sides, and just EIGRP load balance across those two SVIs between DCs?


Reza Sharifi
Hall of Fame Expert

Yes, you can.  There is not support for layer-3 VPC, but you can use 2 single links with /30s as you described in your post.


Reza, thank you! So just to confirm I can have vPC Layer 2 VLANs extended across those two links, and at the same time two Layer 3 non-VPC VLANs with one VLAN on one link and another VLAN on another link with Layer 3 SVIs on two sides peering EIGRP, correct?

Can I still do SVI+4xHSRP on a Layer 2 VLAN on two N5ks and two N7ks, as long as I don't do any IGP between them?


Do you already have VPCs between the set of 5Ks and  also  7Ks set up?  I have the same setup, but between the 5Ks and 7Ks  there  are cross connects (fully meshed) and layer-2 only with all SVIs  only  on the 7Ks.

So, I have one Portchannel between all of them.  I can not   configure IP on the Portchannel because layer-3 VPC is not supported,   but If I create a vlan with SVIs on each side and add the IPs to EIGRP   or OSPF, that should work.  I am just not sure how will it work in your   situation when there is no cross connects between the 5Ks and 7Ks, because VPC comes to play when you connect one device to 2 other devices.   Unfortunately, I can't test this since I don't have daughter cards in   the 5Ks.


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