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VM-FEX with Nexus 5500

While configuring vcenter to N5K connection(svs connection just like in Nexus  1000v) we need to connect only thru vpc primary switch i.e. connect  command under svs connection <name> only applied on vpc primary  switch. What happens when VPC primary...

krun_shah by Beginner
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Nexus 4000 Crash and reboot

I have a customer with many nexus 4000 blade switches, all are running 4.1(2)E1(1h). The switches crashes and reboots by itself. "cdp hap reset" seems to be the problem. I can't find anything about this issiue on the bug toolkit.Has anyone else seen ...

Resolved! Nexus 5000 Data Encryption ?

I have to configure a layer 3 connection between 3 nexus 5548UP using OSPF and the customer wants to encrypt the data transmitted for this connection.What option effer the nexus 5548UP in order to encrypt the traffic?Can I configure an IPSEC over GRE...

vulatec89 by Beginner
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Resolved! Nexus 1000V installation issues

GreetingsI'm a masters student and i'm working on my dissertation regarding network performance on a virtualised environment. I decided to use VMware vSphere evaluation version for 60 days and it is required of me to use NetFlow in order to extract s...

APrassas7 by Beginner
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ISP BGP peering with HSRP for redundancy

we have a router7507, BGP peering to one ISP. Now, we need a router redundancy solution. I want to use HSRP in the BGP peering interface, because the ISP only peering us a IP address, I have to use HSRP on two router interfaces, and use HSRP virtual ...

ccie14007 by Beginner
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FEX 2232TM not recognized by Nexus 5010P

Hi there,I don't have any clue what this problem might be so please help.I have a brandnew FEX 2232TM which is connected to a NEXUS 5010P running the following firmware:oftware  BIOS:      version 1.5.0  loader:    version N/A  kickstart: version 5.2...

PrimergyQA by Beginner
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Resolved! Datacenter evolution: N7k or C6500

Hi,I curretnly study how to make our datacenters evoluate.For the physical physical architecture:- We have 2 datacenters, L2 interconnected in 10gbps.- On each datacenter, 2 x C6500 act as core and distribution in the same time.- The access layer con...