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multicast clustering IBM servers with N7K and 2k

     i have two severs IBM are working as a cluster and  connected to Fiber fabric extender 2K  using VPC as per attached diagram

     two IBM server are woriking fine  for network connectivity with N2k but the servers have a multicast named ( power HA 7.1) to work as acluster

      but i tried to configue multicat in N7K and N2k to server working as acluster but the servers are not working

     please advice me about the configuration in N7K and N2k  to working IBM servers as a cluster .


Surya ARBY

Use a link local address if configurable; if not :

- igmp snooping querier

- if your multicast cluster doesn't use IGMP; disable IGMP snooping on the vlan

the IBM server have ip multicast

i configured the command above but not working

please advice

regards ,

One option is the IGMP querier:

config t
  ip igmp snooping
  vlan 2

switch(config-vlan-config)# ip igmp snooping querier

          (or a good source address of the interface)

The other option is run PIM on the VLAN interface:

feature pim  
vlan 2
  ip pim sparse-mode

Both has the same purpose: combined with IGMP snooping, the L3 interface will flood the VLAN with IGMP queries that traverse the inter-switch links. As a result, the inter-switch links will be included in the snooping port list. In turn,

packets destined to will be sent out the inter-switch link and reach the other server.

Without the IGMP queries, packets will not be sent from one switch to the other as it is not in the range.