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See diagram. I need Layer 2 extended a couple of VLANs between two data centers (Let's say SVI lives in one Data Center only), but I also want to do Layer 3 between two Data Centers for regular inter-DC routing. What are my options to route between N...

I posted this on LAN/WAN, but it is also rlated to server networking, thanks,We  have IP device(exchange server, it might be a cluster) on the farm switch(cat6500, which is an access layer  siwtch), with the gateway on the core switches (Nexus7000), ...

Hi,I am wondering about the use of the vrf management on the Nexus 5548. The fact is I need optical fiber to configure the vpc keepalive link. So, i can't use the mgmt0 interface which is a RJ45 port. Can I configure a SVI in the vrf "management" in ...

Hello,currently we prepare the implemention from several ESX-Hosts with 10gbps NICs. The ESX-Hosts are connected via 10gbps SFP+ ShortRange to Nexus5548UP switches with 2x FEX C2232PP (each ESX host ist connected to a diffferent fex , both fex are co...

hleschin by Beginner
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Resolved! VFC Question

We're getting a Nexus 5548 w/10GBASE-SR SFP Modules and will be connecting them to HP DL380 Gen 8's with DAS using HP Ethernet 10Gb 2-port 530FLR-SFP+ Adapters. I'm trying to get most of the configuration done ahead of time, but wondered if I need to...

perptech1 by Beginner
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I'm trying to connect a pair of Nexus 5532UP's, with vPC, to a Nexus 1000v.  I'm running 4.2.1.SV1.4a. When I add the server's physical NICs to the dVS in vCenter, they fail to come up on the VSM and report link down (NoPortProfile).  If I take "chan...

9ball by Beginner
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