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Peer-link - mixing M1 and M2 cards on the same chassis

Nuno Marques
Level 1
Level 1

Hi guys,


for migrations propuses i need to add 2 links from a M2 card to the peer-link port-channel already configured in a M1 card:


N7K-1     VPC Peer link    N7K-2
M2    -----------------------  M2
M1    ----------------------   M1


I cant find any documentacion for this specific cards,

we are running 6.2(8a).


Anyone can advise,





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Hi Nunos


Do you have an answer regarding this issue , I have the same case , i'm running VPC peerlink on M1 and now i would like to had an M2 interconnection .( same design like yours )

Thanks for your feedback



You cannot mix them, you will need to create another port-channel with the M2 module and then migrate the peer-link configuration over.


More info on this is found on the following Cisco LIVE presentation BRKDCT-2048





InayathUlla Sharieff
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

No, you cannot configure the ports from an M1 and M2 series linecard in the same port
channel. This is referenced in our N7K Interfaces Configuration Guide at the following


Starting with revision 6.2, you can mix any M Series I/O modules to create a vPC peer as
illustrated in the following table.

I/O Module Combinations Supported on Both Sides of a vPC Peer Link, Cisco NX-OS Release



Config guide on the same:-



Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

This is not about the Peer-link. peer link is just a normal trunk port which VPC will use. This Limitation is because of the different parameters on the both linecards module. YOU CAN NOT BIND TWO INTERFACES IN A LOGICAL BUNDEL IF THEY ARE OF DIFFERENT PERAMETER.



Compatibility Requirements

When you add an interface to a channel group, the Cisco NX-OS checks certain interface attributes to ensure that the interface is compatible with the channel group. The Cisco NX-OS also checks a number of operational attributes for an interface before allowing that interface to participate in the port-channel aggregation.

The compatibility check includes the following operational attributes:

  • Port mode
  • Access VLAN
  • Trunk native VLAN
  • Allowed VLAN list
  • Speed
  • 802.3x flow control setting
  • MTU

This attribute is strictly not applicable as the Cisco Nexus 5000 Series switch only supports system level MTU.

  • Broadcast/Unicast/Multicast Storm Control setting
  • Priority-Flow-Control
  • Untagged CoS

Use the show port-channel compatibility-parameters command to see the full list of compatibility checks that the Cisco NX-OS uses.




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