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HI Pros,

Before all thank you for your help...

I am having a small challenge here. I have a UCS B-series server in the chassis.... Server was working fine in vcenter.

Now  due to an upgrade, i need to isolate that server so it can reach any other server in the chassis... i may even change its management IP for another vlan(test) as well.

Now just by changing the IP, UCS shows operable/state down!


And the 5K arp table shows the IP address assigned to the server INCOMEPLETE MAC(192.168.10x.x  00:00:25  INCOMPLETE      Vlan1xx)and vlan ID(TEST)... Does that mean the 5K did not receive proper vlan ID from VMWARE side? i am sure whether or not the vm guys has set the VLAN id in the Vswitch!


ps. even host(guest vm) in the test vlan CAN'T ping the host new Managemnet IP in the test vlan.



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Hi Guys,


I think i may have complicated my question here... There it is in a simple word Can the server IP(address used to add server to vcenter) be in a different subnet than the FI. For instance, the FI is and all other servers are in the same subnet.

Now i want to move one of the server out to VLAN mapped to that subnet is created.

I am running 2.1(3b)A





The limitation applies for out of band:

In earlier releases of UCS software, the management IP address that is used to access the CIMC on a server could only be accessed OOB. In OOB, the traffic traverses the fabric interconnect via the management port to the network.

Now with UCS Version 2.2, you are also able to access the CIMC via an inband address. Traffic to and from the inband address traverses through the fabric interconnect via the fabric uplink port.