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Accelerating Service Provider Services Innovation via Cisco Cloud & Managed Services


As a service provider, whether you’re a traditional “network operator” or a newly emerging operator, you are constantly re-inventing your offering to keep up with changing demands and increased competition.

Initiatives like Evolved Packet Core, VoLTE, Virtualized Managed Services, Cloud, and Software-Defined Networks are driving the need for operators to explore new business models that facilitate a rapid time to market but provide predictability and a unique customer experience.

Increasing pressure to launch these differentiated services while maintaining the balance between reducing expenses, profitability, and improving customer experience results in higher risk of failure.

Common problems faced today by service providers in launching new services include:

  • Finding and retaining the right staff to support new services
  • Managing the increasing workload capacity and absorbing new activities while delivering high quality
  • Introducing new organizational structures and ways of working.
  • Rapidly integrating new technology and tools into existing processes

So, what can service providers do to invest in new services and expand their business with the cost predictability they need?

The move toward a predictable OPEX model for delivering new services makes compelling sense as a potential solution to this conundrum… however how do Service Providers achieve this?

One solution is for Service Providers to partner with technology and business providers that are proven launching and operating new services, that are viable (will be around tomorrow) and who can help them innovate, deliver, and scale. But what is the criteria for success?

Partner with providers that:

  • Are proven managing Service Provider networks
  • Deliver a complete lifecycle solution spanning implementation, optimization and ongoing network operations
  • Deliver differentiation to you through automation and efficiency and not through throwing people at problems and body-shopping
  • Package a robust solution that can scale to meet your growing demands.
  • Provide you flexible consumption models to meet your financing needs
  • Give you the OPEX predictability year-on-year you need to manage cost


What is Cisco Cloud & Managed Services?

Cisco Cloud & Managed Service (CMS) can help Service Providers realize the full value of their network much faster and in a cost effective way.

Cisco Managed services provides a full range of operations and management capabilities for multi-vendor fixed and mobile networks. Managed Services for SP Networks supports IP/MPLS, Carrier Ethernet, Optical, Mobile Packet Core, Evolved Packet Core, VoLTE, SP Wi-Fi and IP RAN backhaul technologies in physical and virtualized (NFV) modes, when applicable

Based on desired outcomes agreed with the customer, Cisco’s Cloud & Managed Services delivers a complete lifecycle experience for the technologies it supports spanning:

  • Operations: Cisco ensures business continuity by delivering typical NOC functions. You can partner with Cisco to out-task NOC functions, including event, incident, problem, and configuration management.
  • Optimization: Get superior service availability and performance with services that focus on operations transformation and improve operational efficiencies. Cisco provides real-time monitoring capabilities for more effective performance, capacity and compliance management.
  • Network Planning: Plan your network more effectively with advanced capabilities delivered as part of Cisco Managed Services. Cisco provides topology modeling, ‘what-if’ analysis, and demand forecasting to achieve business growth objectives while minimizing incremental CapEx spend.
  • Full Management: Outsource end-to-end management of your operations, optimization, planning, as well as other management activities such as provisioning, lifecycle management and contract management.

In an upcoming Service Provider workshop (4/21) on transforming your business quickly with Cisco Managed Servcies, we will introduce the CMS Service Provider portfolio and our capabilities in the areas of SP Networking, Mobility and Virtualized Managed Services. We’ll also discuss how the portfolio meets Service Providers’ increasing demands to deliver solutions in the market more cost effectively and efficiently.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this blog and webinar if you’re able to attend. Feel free to connect with me on Linkedin and let’s continue the conversation.