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SPA ATA: Saving Configuration for Analysis Using admin/config.xml


Your SPA112, SPA122, or SPA232D ATA is doing something that you don't understand. You ask for help and you are requested to provide the ATA's configuration. How do you capture the ATA's configuration and share in an easily readable format with a support person without sharing password credentials?

Dan Lukes

Unfortunatelly, it's not generated correctly. The tags with empty values are saved as tags with no values.

What I mean ? For example, you have "DHCP Option To Use" set to empty value.

The configuration saved by SIP NOTIFY Event: report looks good:

<DHCP_Option_To_Use ua="na"></DHCP_Option_To_Use>

The same is not true for admin/config.xml:


Unfortunatelly, tags with no value has not the same meaning like tags with empty value. If you will attempt to restore device configuration from the saved one, you can use the first variant, but not the second one. The null tag will not set the device's option to empty value but leave it unchanged instead, so resulting configuration will not be the same as the saved one.

In advance, the configuration saved via admin/config.xml doesn't contain the information about user-access (ua=) flag at all ...

Conclusion ?

You should prefer exact configuration of device obtained via NOTIFY/REPORT over loose configuration obtained via admin/config.xml url whenever possible.

The side note - I'm surprised that the firmware contains two independent implementations of XML configuration generator. It reveal something not so nice about project's code management.

George Spanos

This sounds like a big mistake on Cisco's part. It's obvious that things aren't tested well enough by them regarding this device. Is anyone looking into this?

Patrick Born
Cisco Employee


Thanks for reviewing my document and offering comment. I've filed CDETS# CSCue38181 against the SPA ATA for having two implementations of the XML config. generator.



Patrick Born
Cisco Employee


I've filed a CDETS against this issue, see above. In addition, I've notified the ATAs Product Manager.