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If you use Cisco SPA301, SPA303, SPA525G, SPA525G2, SPA509G, SPA508G, SPA504G, SPA502G & SPA501G and SPA962, SPA942 & SPA922...

New 2.1 version available 8/1/2011

Developed by CTRL IT Inc. Call Ctrl bridges the functionality of your SPA Phone to your desktop. This is the only solution currently available and developed specifically for the Cisco and Linksys SPA IP Phones. Call Ctrl provides support for any phone system or hosted service used with the SPA Phones.


Call Ctrl was developed to fill the gap between the phone and your computer. Binding the phone and desktop together multiplies the capabilities. This exponentially increases both productivity and features.

Perform phone function right from your desktop:
  • Dial from any Windows application
  • Click to Dial Add-In for Outlook and Internet Explorer/IE
  • Drag & Drop Conference/Transfer, Hold, Answer, Cfwd, DND, Etc.
  • Phone number and contact management
  • Shared and System Directories
  • Phone number history
  • Supports Windows XP SP-2, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (32 & 64-bit)

Download 30-Day Trial

For more information please use the following:

Please feel free to contact us with any sales or support questions.

Version 2.0

Dan Lukes

My expectations has not been satisfied with CallCtrl.

Application is not so stable. At least version 2.0 on Windows XP SP3 as I tried it year ago. But it's minor problem only.

Major problem is terrific support for CTI from Cisco's side. CTRL IT Inc. worked hard to cheat the Cisco's barrier, but the result can't be good.

CtrlIt either:

1. steal phone state by periodic fetch of phone's configuration, but such method have  unacceptable delays in call processing. In advance, periodic download of  (large) configuration have negative impact on phone (tried on SPA504G/SPA508G)  and affect user comfort.


2. use debug(!) messages sent by device to monitor it's state - but debug/syslog messages are unreliable UDP messages only. Even worse, if you will redirect debug messages to user's PC and CtrlIt application, then you can no longer store such message for purpose of SIP network monitoring or problem analysis.

In advance, application require that phone's admin  password is stored on user's computer. It's security issue even the password is stored obfuscated. It's still accessible by user. Also, full  phone configuration is transmitted periodically to user's computer via  clear channel.

Even skilled professional must not be able to make unauthorized changes in phone configuration nor connect unauthorized device to network. Unfortunately, Call Ctrl can't work without "all doors opened".

To be correct - most of problem's are not CTRL IT problems. It's Cisco's issue. Cisco doesn't offer usable CTI interface to it's SIP devices, so only "dirty hacks" like Call Ctrl are possible.

I'm not happy saying this, but if you require true integration between PC and SIP phone, then Cisco devices are not answer for you. Use devices from other vendor

CTRL IT's hack nor simmilar application can't compensate lack of Cisco's interest to offer not-just-for-fun CTI with it's SIP devices.

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