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Jane Faraola
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Welcome to the Cisco Jabber Video Early Field Trial.  Thank you for joining the program.  Your feedback will greatly help improve and identify potential usability and quality issues with the product.  Please remember to report anything you see.

We have set high goals and expect to release nothing short of an intuitive and simple-to-use service.  To that end, we welcome your feedback and expect you to hold us to this standard.

Key New Features

Web Portal

  • Invitations:  TelePresence users can invite non-telepresence-enabled contacts to sign up for and install Jabber Video to join video calls.  To do this, the telepresence user’s network must support B-to-B calling (either using a VCS Expressway with a DNS SRV record, or via Callway).

  • Personal URL:  TelePresence users can share a ‘personal URL’ making it easy to distribute a link to sign up, install, and call.

  • Password reset/Support: Jabber Video users can reset their password in case they forget it, as well as visit the self-help support site to post about new issues and find documentation.

Jabber Video Client

  • Sign in: Sign into the Jabber Video client using your choice of username, video address, or email address used to register, along with your password.

  • Configuration: The Quick Start wizard configures your audio, video, and network settings to let you know what call quality you can expect.

  • Favorites list: Your Favorites list is automatically populated with the video address of the person who invited you to the service; simply double-click to call.

  • Dialing by video address: You can call any standards-based endpoint (accessible via the Internet) by entering its video address.

  • Call History: Use Call History to track your incoming, outgoing, and missed calls – you can easily call someone back or add them to your Favorites list.

  • Self-View: Use Self-View to verify the image your webcam will transmit, before placing a call.

  • Data sharing: While on a call, you can share applications, making it easy to review documents or photos with others.

Jabber Video Cloud Service

  • Interoperability: Place calls from Jabber Video to any standards-based video endpoint, provided it is DNS-routable. You can call Cisco TelePresence endpoints in a business network (with VCS Expressway configured), Callway, or other Jabber Video users, among others.

  • Easy upgrades: When a new version of Jabber Video becomes available, you are prompted to download and install it – within a brief amount of time you are running the latest version, ready to place calls.
Getting Started

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