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Cyberdata has designed the“Callbox Unit", an affordable door access solution for SMB customers. The Callbox provides the following functionality for UC500/SBCS: 1. The user can open a door remotely by dialing a set of digits from an IP Phone. 2. A user at the Callbox can dial the operator's IP phone from the outside by pressing "Call" button on the Callbox. This solution is scheduled to go though Cisco Technology Developer Program lab testing in the near future. When this testing is complete, the Cyberdata solution will be supported by Cisco TAC.
David Hornstein
Level 7
Level 7

Hi Marcos

What can i say, UC500 software a bit more sophisticated since the app note was written.

I was trying to figure why my analog phones on my SPA8000 at  could receive calls,  but not make calls to my SPA and 7900 series  phones.

I had followed your app note very closely, but SIP calls from my SPA8000 could not call my locally connected IP phones.

I noticed, when i enabled debug ccsip message,  I was getting SIP calls failing from my SPA8000 to my UC500 with cause code 500 Internal server error and q850 cause code 63 in my SIP debug messages.

I thought I better add a comment to your wonderful application note and state that,  i found that Toll Fraud protection was added to IOS,  I found that CCA added the following script to my system;

voice source-group CCA_SIP_SOURCE_GROUP

access-list 2

translation-profile incoming SIP_Incoming

This access list tell my UC500 what SIP devices can register with my UC500.

Access list 2 had to be manually modified to add the following statement, seems like CCA created 'access-list 1 permit', but it should have created the following entry in access-list 2

access-list 2 permit

Once that was added, my SPA8000 could make calls to the locally connected IP phones.

Your App note is still  great, keep up the good work.

regards Dave

Good stuff. Thanks Dave!


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