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Leah Davis
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Network Storage Products


NSS4000 4 Drive Bay Gigabit Network RAID Storage System Chassis


NSS4100 4 Bay Gigabit Network Storage System Chassis With 1.0TB RAID


NSS6000 4 Drive Bay Advanced Gigabit Network RAID Storage System Chassis


NSS6100 4 Bay Advanced Gigabit Network Storage System Chassis With 1.0 TB RAID


RPS1000 380W Redundant Power Supply Unit

Continuous Data Protection for Files

Continuous Data Protection for Files
Available as 3-User License (LBACDP03), 15-User License (LBACDP15), and 25-User License (LBACDP25)

30-Day Trial


Hard Drive Trays

The HDT family of storage spare trays hold additional SATA Hard Drives (purchased separately) for quickly replacing a single drive unit at a time or an entire array of drives. Allows VARs to configure hard drives with empty trays and even build RAID arrays prior to installation at the end user.


  • Expansion - easily increase capacity to meet growing storage, back-up, sharing, and archiving demands
  • Availability - Spare HDT units will decrease downtime
  • Flexibility - Compatible with Cisco Small Business Network Storage System series products


Spare NAS Drive Tray (No Hard Drive) for Business Series Network Storage Products

Spare NAS Drive Tray - 4 Pack (No Hard Drive) for Business Series Network Storage Products

Spare NAS Drive Tray (with 250GB 7200RPM Hard Disk) for NSS Series of NAS Products

Spare NAS Drive Tray (with 500GB 7200RPM Hard Disk) for NSS Series of NAS Products


Providing the robust security and advanced data backup capabilities, at a price small companies can afford. Ideal solution for storing, sharing, and archiving mission-critical business information.

  • Small, versatile form factor with lockable drives
  • Same software features as NSS4000 and NSS6000
  • File encryption – Data is encrypted on the drive
  • Support RAID 0,1,5, and 10 (Raid 5 and 10 require more than two drives thus supported on NSS3000 only)
  • Smart Drive support

NSS2000 Data Sheet - December 2008

The specified document was not found- December 2008

NSS2000 Whitepaper and Use Case Scenarios  - Updated December 2008

  • Discover NAS on the network
  • Verify and modify NAS settings
  • Add a user
  • Map a network drive in Windows
  • FTP Connection

Tolly Podcast  Talking Outside the Box with Charles Bruno and Shawn Fitzgerald

The Tolly Group presents a Question and Answer interview with Shawn Fitzgerald, Technical Marketing Manager, about Network Storage Solutions. This interview covers:      
  • NAS Performance
  • RAID Levels
  • RPSU vs. UPS
  • On-Disk Encryption




    • Achieves highest peak throughput and average response time of the devices tested
    • Sustains high file performance
    • Suffers minimal performance degradation of file server performance
    • Offers versatile deployment options


Presentations and Videos

  • Network Attached Storage Products This Video on Demand covers the basics of NAS from a sales perspective:  what is a NAS, what do you do with one, how does it fit into the network and what is required for clients to access it.  It also includes information on NAS technology (RAID) and the organization of NAS Elements (Arrays, Volumes, Shares, Files, permissions) and an overview of the current backup/restore solution paradigm.

Sales Tools

Technical Bulletins


White Papers

NAS Acronyms

  • NAS - Network Attached Storage
  • JBOD - Just a Bunch Of Disks
  • RAID - Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (Redundant Array of Independent Disks)
  • CIFS - Common Internet File System, successor of SMB protocol with enhanced functionality, Microsoft
  • NFS – Network File System, Sun (MAC, Unix, Linux, Novell)
  • FTP – File Transfer Protocol
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