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Marc Bresniker

The Cisco Configuration Assistant( CCA) team is pleased to announce the availability of the latest release - CCA version 2.2(6), a maintenance release focused on quality improvements. CCA is an easy to use interface for managing platforms within the Cisco Smart Business Communications System (SBCS) Solution.

This announcement covers the following topics:
1. CCA v2.2(6) Major Highlights
2. CCA v2.2(6) Documentation

1. CCA v2.2(6) major highlights include:
I) UC 500 Software Pack 8.0.5 Support

II) Software quality improvements that resolve the following caveats:

1. CSCti93652 - Live record did not mark ephone-dn is used so got overwriiten later
2. CSCtj03952 - Change in voice screen overwrites SIP trunk code
3. CSCti61283 - CCA 2.2.5 Dialable intercom does not work if SIP trunk configured
4. CSCti56130 - Site IP addresses gets corrupted when modifying the data VLAN ip address
5. CSCti65636 - Topology view not saved if customer site name has a Space in the name
6. CSCtj23791 - Restore in CCA 2.2.5 deleting Voice Vlan and creating BVI interfaces
7. CSCtj29986 - Changing the DHCP DNS IP address causes Java NullPointer exception error
8. CSCtj43457 - UT: Exception while creating users
9. CSCtj43398 - Telephony Set Up Wizard: NPE occurs and progress bar stuck at 95%
10. CSCti38533 - Telephony Set Up Wizard: Configuring analog phones in user mode results in duplicate extensi
11. CSCtj45961 - Software upg-warning message is misleading and cannot get to Telephony Set Up Wizard
12. CSCtj43416 - Disabling telnet/ssh results in error
13. CSCtj54494 - Disable Periodic Discovery - release note
14. CSCtj47646 - Telephony Set Up Wizard: NPE occurs while configuring MWI
15. CSCtj58605 - Telephony Set Up Wizard: Issues with special characters in password
16. CSCtj43469 - Conferencing: enabling throws exception
17. CSCtj78653 - Restart CLI sent twice when config phone's CNFA
18. CSCtj80884 - Telephony Set Up Wizard: For UC+SR and UC+SA, enforce static IP on UC WAN
19. CSCtj85823 - Template Manger NPE on apply Template
20. CSCtj80884 - Telephony Set Up Wizard: For UC+SR and UC+SA, enforce static IP on UC WAN
21. CSCtk10729 - Restore fails on 2.2.6 due wrong TFTP address
22. CSCtk11748 - Old CUE config retained after doing an upgrade with default config

2. CCA v2.2(6) Documentation:
For more information and to download CCA visit:

Release Notes for CCA v2.2(6) will be posted to the URL below:

For a full list of features supported in CCA and the Smart Business Communications System, please refer to “Cisco Smart Business Communications System Feature Reference Guide” below:

Admin Guide for CCA can be found below:

UC500 Software Pack Information can be found below:

You can download UC500 Software Pack from CCO Download Center or from Support Community here:

For a sneak peek of new features coming in the CCA v3.0 release, please visit (partner log-in is required):

If you have questions or product feedback, please post them on our Support Community “CCA FEEDBACK” section:

CCA v2.2(6) version is backwards compatible with previous CCA and UC500 software pack releases.

In summary, CCA v2.2(6) maintenance release delivers many quality improvements. The CCA team will continue to develop features and functionality as we learn more about our customers' needs.

Best Regards,
The CCA Team

Luis Giraldo

CCA 2.2.(6) reports that the 8.0.5 software pack for a UC520 is not valid,


The 8.0.5 (as downloaded 26/11/2010) is corrupt.... Info only posted to clarify it is an issue with the software pack rather than CCA 2.2.6

! CRC failed in The file is corrupt
! The archive is corrupt


I am sorry Dude!  This is not shareware and "this is how we all
learn" doesn’t cut it!   The UC520 is a proprietary product
I dropped 50G's on plus an additional 2G a year in Smart-net agreements.    When
a small business drops that kind of money on something (50% more than any
other competitor in the game) they expect it to work and work
flawlessly.   CCA is an embarrassment and has been since I bought
this product so please stop defending it and concentrate on fixing it.

What  is the verdict, corrupt files?  Who is taking ownership of this?
When is an uncorrupted version to be released?  Will that new release be renumbered
(e.g or should it just be understood that there are two software packs
floating around in the market now  8.0.5 (corrupt) and 8.0.5 (uncorrupt) requiring a spirited game of guess-an-upgrade with your system?

Steven DiStefano
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

The Cisco person authorized is back in the office today and just fixed the pack.

It has todays date.

The UC540 and UC560 were fixed yesterday.

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