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Alberto Montilla
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Firmware Download

Firmware can be downloaded from the Cisco Support Center (registered partners only - password required)

Please note that latest SPCs are embedded with the firmware. For older SPCs (SIP Profile Compiler) click here.

Firmware for selected products can also be anonymously downloaded from here.

SPA9000 Setup Wizards

SPA9000 Setup Wizard v2.1

This is the standard SPA9000 Setup Wizard. Use the SPA9000 Setup Wizard v2.1 for all standard configurations involving the SPA9000 as the IP PBX and IP Phones as end-points.

SPA9000 Analog Phone IPPBX Setup Wizard v1.0

Use the SPA9000 Analog Phone IP PBX (option) Setup Wizard only if you want to configure the New SPA9000 Analog IP PBX . Otherwise, use the SPA9000 Setup Wizard.

SPA9000 Localization

SPA9000 Autoattendant (AA) Prompts

Autoattendant, also known as virtual receptionist make use of voice prompts e.g. to welcome users or to indicate instructions. SPA9000 supports downloadable AA prompt files. The files can be downloaded from a provisioning server at the device boot up time. AA prompts download is dupported by SPA9000 from firmware 5.1.5. Instructions for AA prompts operations and download can be found in the SPA9000 Admin Guide. Following languages are available: Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish in addition to the default language (english).

SPA400 Voicemail Prompts (partners only - password required)

SPA400 supports localization of the Voicemail prompts (default language is english).  Instructions to localize the SPA400 Voicemail prompts are available in the Config Guide: SPA9000 Voice System Administration Guide.

  • Spanish (PCM)
  • Italian (PCM)
  • Other languages: From version SPA400 firmware version 1.0.1.x, it is recommended to use the voice prompts in PCM format (PCM files). For older versions use GSM format (GSM files). Following languages are available: English (default), Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

New! SPA900 Phones XML Dictionaries, v6.1. Two new languages supported: Bulgarian and Norwegian.

Includes following languages: Bulgarian (bg), Czech (cz), Danish(dk), German (de), English (en), French (fr), Croatian (hr), Hungarian (hu), Italian (it), Dutch (nl), Norwegian (no), Polish (pl), Portuguese (pt), Romainan (ro), Russian (ru), Spanish (es), Swedish (se), Slovak (sk), Slovenian (sl), Turkish (tu).

Instructions for donwload, available in the SPA Phones Admin Guide (see documentation section)

SPA900 Phones XML Dictionaries, v5.2

SPA9X2 Release 5 supports setting of an alternative language on the user display. The administrator can define the languages available (up to 9 languages) and the preferred language. Instructions for download language dictionary can be found in the SPA900 Phones Admin Guide.

Following languages are supported on the Release v5.2: Czech (cz), Danish* (dk) - v5.1, German (de), English (en), French (fr), Croatian (hr), Hungarian (hu), Italian (it), Dutch (nl), Polish (pl), Portuguese (pt), Romainan (ro), Russian (ru), Spanish (es), Swedish (se), Slovak (sk), Slovenian (sl), Turkish (tu).

SPA900 and SPA9000 Dial tones (partners only - password required)

XML files containing the localized dial and progress tones parameters for the SPA products, for the following countries: Denmark, France, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and UK.

Other Tools

Cisco-SPA sRTP Mini Certificate Generator (upon request to your local Cisco Sales representative)

Syslog/Debug Server for SPA-Voice Products (registered partners only - password required)

SPA Phones Firmware and Tools

SPA ATAs and Gateways Firmware and Tools


Community Member

Dear Sir,

The links to the voice-prompts and dial tones seem to be broken.

Can you pls provide me (links to files) with dial tones, voice prompts for AA and SPA 400 in dutch?

Many thanks in advance,



Dear Alberto: I'm trying to download Spanish localized SPA9000 Auto Attendat prompts, but the link you provide seems to be broken, as sometimes I get "page not found" error, and sometimes I get "Forbidden", but I never get to download the prompts.

Regards, Ariel.


Alberto the links you have listed are dead.  We need the Wizard to reinstall a system.   Many thanks.

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