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How far can you nest autoattendant menus?

There are 5 AA systems supported, so you can call between 5 different AA.

Is the name search first or last or can it be either?

For IP phone directory the order is configurable, default is last name, first name. For AA, it depends on the script variable I believe (not sure if this is for the default scripts that Saurabh has).

Where can we get the new AA script?

The AA_SBCS scripts are bundled in the UC500 4.2.7 software pack

What is the support site?

The Cisco Supportwiki, accessible at

Can you email those link for the sample configurations?

The Cisco Supportwiki, FAQs have samples for commonly used configurations. An example of a FAQ would be:

Does the 60 minute prompt limit apply to CUE on the NM version (non UC500) as well?

No, in CUE 3.0 the total prompt capacity for NME-CUE is 250 minutes, but each individual prompt has no maximum as long as total capacity is not exceeded. More details are available on Release Notes for Cisco Unity Express 3.0

Can I send I call directly to the person voice mail box?

Yes, Direct Xfer to mailbox is supported. Please see:

Where is that AutoAttendant Screen located options in the CUE GUI

Auto Attendant option is located under Voicemail > Auto Attendant

We need more information regarding nested auto attendant

There are 5 AA systems supported, so you can call between 5 different AA.

Is there a direct transfer to users voicemail box?

Yes Direct Xfer to mailbox is supported

Will UC500 do external transfers from the AA?

Yes – the AA_SBCS scripts in UC500 software pack has a checkbox I believe to enable or disable this.

A very common request for small companies is to have all the phones ring for incoming calls, then roll to the Auto Attendant. Can that be done with the GUI yet?

Using CCA you can ring all the phones, but cannot forward unanswered calls to AA (yet), but it is a roadmap item for CCA. Forwarding of unanswered calls to the AA can be done by using CUE GUI.

Is there a PDF file on how to use the GUI for CUE?

There is a Administration guide for CUE GUI posted below:

How do you nest autoattendants? Do you type the name in the option number?

You would type in the AA pilot number(s) in the tranfer options

For AA, when I want Opt 1 to go to hunt group billing (5 people).  Will it hunt to agent 1 always first or does use a rotating hunt group.  That the 5 share the load?

Today we support 3 options: - Longest Idle - Peer - Sequential

in hunt groups

If you make change via the CUE GUI-- does this update CCA ie changing user names, AA scripts, etc.

CCA derives the username information from CME under the ephone, so changing it in CUE GUI won’t reflect changes in CCA. For the AA scripts supported by CCA, if you change the parameter, it will get detected by CCA. But if a script is not supported in CCA, then this won’t get updated

Where and how do you change the voice codec ?

SIP trunks support this under the dialpeers based on provider requirements.

Is the limit for remote teleworker IPC phones = 5 ?


Are these VoDs and Wiki available for our partners?


I noticed with the new CUE has a script editor but it is still limited.  I had a customer wanting the same numbers to mean different things based on the time of day.  Press 1 during business hours goes to one submenu, during night goes to a different submenu.  If you want just one command the current structure works, but if you have a more complex setup it is not functional.  Is this going to keep evolving, or are we pretty much at the max out?

The functionality of the GUI interfaces such as CCA will continue to improve. The flows you are currently asking for are supported by creating a custom script using the cue script editor. For assistance on custom scripts, please e-mail

Does the UC520 ship with licenses for G.729 codec?

G.729 codec on SIP trunks is supported today on the UC500. Separate licenses are not required for using G.729 codec.

Why is it just 5 user per remote teleworker site?

For over five users at a remote site, available bandwidth becomes an issue. As such for PSTN access at a 5+ users site, local PSTN access and distributed call processing become requirements. For 5+ user sites, the recommendation is to use an UC500 at the remote site and interconnect the sites using SIP or H.323 trunks.

What about an ASA instead of an 871?  Can the ASA do the QoS?

ASA does not do the QoS that’s supported on 871 IOS router.

What was the router just recommended for remote teleworker?

Cisco 871 Integrated Services Router

Will a 851 work also?

Cisco 851 has not been tested with the UC500. Since CCA does not support the 851 the provisioning will need to be done entirely on the CLI or other GUI tools such as Cisco SDM.

What is the lowest working bandwidth the call will function on?

For remote teleworkers – on 8/16 its 80Kbps and for 24/32/48 user SKUs its 26Kbps

Would you need static IP addresses on both end of the VPN connection?

You can use Dynamic DNS to terminate VPN connection on dynamic IP addresses

Is it possible to get G729 with CIPC?

Yes, using CLI and need Transcoding (hence only supported on the 24 / 32/ 48 user SKUs)

Can we configure IP phone with current 2811 routers without UC520?

Yes, CME license is required, which is available as add-on or bundle

What is the process for recording a new prompt and uploading to the AA?

Please see Lab 3 for First Look

Does the UC520 support the use of SIP Clients

Cisco offers SIP based 3911 phones. 3rd party SIP phones may work, but are not supported by Cisco TAC. Customer will need to contact the 3rd party SIP phones technical support for any issues related to 3rd party SIP phones.

Is there a solution yet for leveraging a remote analog line (FXO)?

For MultiSite UC500 deployments, you can configure a remote site to use main site’s FXO lines. You will need to configure appropriate dialplan for this on both sites.

Are native SIP trunks supported?

SIP Trunking is supported natively on the UC520

If we are using the UC500 w/871's in the remote locations using QoS in both devices, do you feel it's safe or reliable to use Internet based broadband for remote sites?

Voice traffic between 871 and UC500 is encrypted over VPN tunnel, so voice traffic cannot be sniffed by other parties on the internet. When the QoS is configured on 871s, the 871 will ensure that voice packets get higher precedence than data packets, but this needs to be ensured on each and every hop. Internet based broadband don’t honor QoS. So there won’t be any guarantee that the voice traffic would be given a preferential treatment.

Is Skystone a SIP gateway to skype

Please contact Stonevoice ( directly for SkyStone queries

What is the cost for the NFR kit?

Please contact Stonevoice ( directly for SkyStone queries

Is Skystone a managed solution as it deals with federation?

Please contact Stonevoice ( directly for SkyStone queries

How do we find out what is in the new release software?

Each software pack has a readme file that contains the latest soft

How is Supportwiki any different than Cisco Forums - is it just SBCS specific?

The Supportwiki differs from Cisco Forums in that it is designed to provide content, such as Vods and trainings, which is more than can be delivered in the Q&A format of Cisco Forums such as Netpro. The Supportwiki will be expanded to include Cisco solutions outside of SBCS.

=== With VPN from remote client to UC500, all calls from remote site to main site are encrypted, so how do you apply QoS to voice calls ? The TOS byte of the IP header is pre-examined and packets are given higher precedence based on the TOS byte ===

=== Is there a recording tool that is recommended for creating WAV files for upload to CUE AA/  What is the particular file format for saving (ie ulaw) Please see [Lab 3 for First Look] ===

What is the Attendant Console strategy for the UC500?

ArcExpress 2.0 will be supported with CME and UC500.

Does the teleworker 871 solution support the new G.722 codec? and is there anything specifically that needs to be done to configure it's use?

Not yet – this is possible later this year

I am unable to disable the auto attendant with CCA.  The option is greyed out.  How do i do this?

This can’t be done today, but is a roadmap item on one of the upcoming releases of CCA.

Do partners only have 30days (from date of purchase) benefit to download current IOS for UC520?

Correct. Beyond 30 days, partners must purchase service contracts to be able to download software upgrades.

All encrypted IP packets have IPSec header, so how does the DCSP or IP Prec to the voice packet handled by UC500 for upstream?

The TOS byte of the IP header is pre-examined and packets are given higher precedence based on the TOS byte

Is the Cisco Config Assistant ever going to be good enough for more than the initial setup?  I have found that erases custom configs if used more than once. Example: You can program buttons on phones in CCA, but you can not create park buttons in CUE. The terminal/command lines is the only option at this point for me to make it work right.

CCA is constantly being enhanced to add additional functionality. Enhancements are on the roadmap to allow custom configs to coexist with CCA. CCA currently supports the ability to provision call park. Upcoming feature enhancement will also allow call park slots to be configured as monitor buttons.

Is there a place on the wiki for feature suggestions for CCA?

In CCA, you can provide feedback by selecting Help > Feedback

Are there any plans to make the IP address of the CUE configurable in the CCA?

Yes – this is on the roadmap for CCA in Q2CY09

I am also getting ready to deploy a UC520 for a client.  They have 8 lines coming in over one RJ11.  Will all of these lines be available to the device?  The client will need to have multiple outbound calls at one time and will need to be able to utilize all of these numbers.  Will this work?

It is not clear how you would get 8 lines come into one – if this is Analog DID then only 1 call inbound is supported, no outbound calls are supported on Analog DID. UC500 can support 8 analog lines, but each line needs to have its own RJ11 connection.

When will the call recording feature be released?

Per link below, call recording is currently supported with software pack 4.2.7

Early adopter software pack in July 08 will enhance solution by adding a softkey to allow call recording to be initiated with a single softkey press.

Is the voice 100 percent real time, or delayed.

Voice traffic is 100% real time.

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