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UC320W Firmware Information


General Availability:

This software has undergone full product testing and is made available to the full UC320W user base.  Available on (CCO) and annouced on the UC300 Support Community.

Release Candidate:

This software has undergone internal product testing and is made available for early adoptors to test in their labs and later in friendly customer systems.  Typically made available only via a Platform Modification FIle (PMF) and announced on the UC300 Support Community.  Release Candidate participants are strongly encourage to upgrade to the General Availablity release when made available. 

Limited Deployment:

This software has undergone targeted testing focusing on the changed software.  Initial release of the software is made available via a PMF and announced on the UC300 Support Community.  Cisco may make this software more widely available without requiring a PMF at a later time.

Firmware Release Annoucements (newest to oldest):

Release version
(link to release announcement)
2.3.3(4)Limited Deployment: 2.3.2(6) + Bug fixes
2.3.2(6)General Availability release of 2.3 feature release.
2.3.1(14)Release Candidate of 2.3
2.2.3(5)Limited Deployment:  2.2.2(1) + Bug fixes
2.2.2(1)General Availibility release of 2.2 feature release.
2.2.1Release Candidate of 2.2 -- replaces 2.2.0
2.2.0(17)Firmware removed.  Users encouraged to upgrade higher release.
2.1.5(0)Limited Deployment:  2.1.4(3) + Bug fixes
2.1.4(3)Limited Deployment:  2.1.3(0) + Bug fixes  -- RECOMMENDED for all customers -- no PMF required
2.1.3(0)Limited Deployment:  2.1.2 + Bug fixes
2.1.2General Availability:  2.1.1 + critical fix to work with Adobe Flash Player 11
2.1.1General Availability:  Upgrading from any release below this requires 2 stage upgrade

NOTE:  If you are having problems logging in or upgrading from firmware versions below 2.1.2, you may be experiencing the Adobe Flash Player version 11 incompatibility with pre-2.1.2 firmware issue.  Click the link for workaround.

Region Packs

If applicable, a region pack may need to be applied after upgrading to the latest firmware.  Check the Region Packs community document for updates.


It has been some time since any firmware was released for the UC320W whilst it may be EOL the support has not ended, are their plans to update the firmware?

Cisco dropped support for this unit shortly (14 months) after we bought it. Has many quirks that Cisco never addressed. Used to think Cisco products were very good; now I will never buy anything they make. Though EOL support doesn't end till 2016 though announcing EOL has lead to NO updates from support. 

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