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Integrating  the UC500 with @Comm CommView Call Accounting  Solution.

CommView is a web-based, UC500-compatible call usage, call accounting and productivity analysis reporting system. It provides business and IT managers with comprehensive business intelligence into how their Cisco UC500 system and voice network are being used, helping them increase productivity while reducing operating costs and security threats.


One solution - two easy options

  • @Comm Hosted Service:
    • CommView Web is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) application. CommView Web provides organizations with complete and secure call usage reporting capabilities, without the need for customer-purchased and maintained server or client software of any kind. Client access to reports is provided 24x7 from any location via a secure, private portal and a simple web browser. CommView Web does not require additional software or dedicated client-side hardware, beyond an optional, simple data collection applet that resides on an available workstation on the client network to provide reliable storage and transfer of CDR.
  • Customer Hosted Application:
    • CommView Multi-User with WebReporter: A premise based application that provides all the web-based reporting capabilities of CommView Web, while adding a full administration module, optimized for customers who prefer deploying and managing their own CommView server on-premises. By including WebReporter (a browser-based reporting package), self-service report access to both ad hoc and scheduled reporting is enabled on a per authorized client basis. CommView Multi-User is installed and operated on the customer’s internal LAN/WAN/VPN network.
    • CommView Single-User System: Usually resident on the telecom or IT manager’s workstation, this application provides the CommView windows application for administration and reporting. Report generation, including automated and email delivery, is under the sole control of the administrator.


Solution  Benefits

CommView acts as a business management information link between the  Cisco UC500 voice network and the business and organizations it  supports.

CommView provides Cisco UC500 end users, as well as IT and corporate management with a suite of call usage intelligence reports that provide easy to understand management information across the key areas of Cost Control, Employee Productivity, Voice Traffic Analysis, Expense Management, Security, and Fraud & Hacking.

Reports are automatically produced and securely delivered to each manager on-demand or on a pre-scheduled basis. Reports are presented in clear business terms to help managers understand and act to improve employee, workgroup, departmental and company performance.

In addition to managers receiving automated reports by email, select users may be granted secure login access to generate, schedule or retrieve additional reports, with access to data predefined by the administrator based on factors such as IT security, functional area, physical location all considered.


Contact  Information:

For a quick quote or a no-obligation trial, just call @Comm  at 1-(800) 641-5400 or visit Atcomm's website

For more information about @Comm's CommView or to setup a customized demo  for your organization, please contact us directly.


Customer Contact Information:
Name: Scott Parker
Phone: 603-628-3015



Resource  Section:

To learn more about CommView Call Accounting solution from @Comm, please view our resource documents attached.

Please note these documents may become obsolete at any point and are owned by @Comm. They are included here for reference only and does not represent Cisco endorsement or commercialization of the solution.



  • CommView Datasheet
  • Cisco UC500 Configuration Guide



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