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Jane Faraola
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Cisco WebEx Telepresence is based on the SIP signaling protocol and uses Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)-style addressing for video calls. When a WebEx Telepresence device initiates a call to another device, it addresses the second device with a unique identifier in the form [displayname]

Some video devices do not use the SIP signaling protocol, however, and others do not use URI addressing. One class of such video devices uses the H.323 signaling protocol and can be identified by a unique IP address in the form A.B.C.D.

The IP Dialing Interactive Voice Response (IVR) tool allows you to make a video call to an H.323 video device by IP address.

The IVR tool is available to WebEx Telepresence users only.

  1. Dial ip to connect to the IP Dialing IVR
  2. Follow the audio and text prompts.
  3. Select 1 to begin the IP dialing process.
  4. Enter the IP address. Enter the * character in place of a period; for example, for the IP address, enter 203*174*20*80
    If you enter the IP address incorrectly, you need to start the dialing process over at step 1. You can’t fix errors in the IP address.

  5. When you finish entering the IP address, select #.
  6. Select # again to dial.
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