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WAP561 not assigning IP to clients

We have several WAP561 devices repeating the wireless throughout the office. Everything works fine with the existing 3 WAP561 devices we have running.


HOWEVER, When I plug in a new WAP561 device and add it to an existing cluster (single point setup) it copies all the information from the cluster successfully. (except it is using a different host name on a different IP of course). I can login to the new WAP Wifi through PEAP to the corporate network as well as the guest network but neither of them are assigning an IP, so the internet is not working.


I can't think what I missed. The working WAP561 and the non-functioning WAP561 have the same firmware version too. It's like the firewall is blocking it. Sophos UTM 9


I can't see anything meaningful in the WAP logs and there's nothing showing up on the firewall log on the UTM 9 (like request denied etc)

I feel like it should just be working but I have no previous experience of these devices to base it on.

Please someone help if they have any suggestions.


Functioning and non-functioning WAP561 are running firmware   I upgraded one of the functioning WAP561 to the new firmware  but it stopped working  (wifi attempt said could not connect to network or something like that) so I just downgraded again and it works again - if it ain't broke..  

Cisco Employee

Re: WAP561 not assigning IP to clients

Hi James,


I hope DHCP sever is configured in Sophos UTM box & the mentioned WAPs are in same IP subnet. Please check once whether static IP assigned on the problematic WAP561 or not. Also please verify the ‘Untagged VLAN’ part (LAN >>VLAN and IPv4 Addresses) on the problematic WAP561 (it need to be similar to the other WAPs are in cluster) and accordingly the Sophos UTM box port is configured (similar to the other 3 WAP561 connected ports).


In case still the issue persists then need to capture the packet (Administration >> Packet Capture) on the eth / radio interface on that problematic WAP561 to investigate further. In that case, you may open a service request with us following the below mentioned link for further troubleshooting…

Re: WAP561 not assigning IP to clients

Thanks Sujoy,


I figured it out, it was the managed switch not allowing VLAN access on the relevant cable port

Cisco Employee

Re: WAP561 not assigning IP to clients

Hi James,


Thank you for your reply. Glad to hear that the problem has been resolved now. As manage Switch details was not mentioned on your previous post so I was assuming that WAP561 was directly connected to the UTM box and accordingly suggested to check the VLAN settings on the port.