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Strange buttons and tabs on SNTC Portal


Hi there,

I just finished the self-onboarding for SNTC on my company, registered the collector, ran the first discovery and inventoried it.

Everything was fine, except a few buttons, tabs and links that looks wrong.

See? I'm most certainly that something is no right.

I already, cleaned cache,cookies and tried on Chrome and Firefox. Always the same thing...

Anyone knows if this buttons and tabs are right?


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Winifred Zeliger
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You might try logging out, rebooting your computer and logging back in.  I have seen this before and you are correct, this not how these links are supposed to appear. I have also seen the issue be corrected with a reboot.  You are correct in using Chrome or Firefox as a browser.

Nope. That didn't change anything...

Rebooted, cleaned cache and cookies once again and nothing changed. I opened the portal through my personal computer at home and the same visual problems were there.

Tried to access it on anonymous tabs with no success.

And always trying both on Chrome and Firefox.

Still getting those weird buttons, tabs and icons.

This shouldn't be a problem, right?

Lyndon Siu
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Hi - Can you see what "language" you have selected?
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