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Hi team, Approximately 3 months ago, my customer's uploads began to fail.  They're using the Import Inventory API to upload a JSON file once per week: POST : They're getting a 503 error: R...

Hello,I am going through the process of upgrading our CSPC Collector from 2.10 to 2.11. I have been following the 2.11 installation and migration guide. I have the new 2.11 vm created and have successfully restored the 2.11 using the generated 2.10 ....

rodies by Community Member
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Hello, a quick question but not sure i'm at the right place. We are trying to process a CSV upload in smartnet through PSS As a return (API or, we don't get back any category for the concerned SN that we have s...

Hi all, I'm looking for some advice. I'll be leaving my current company soon, so i need to change my email address for my CCO back to my personal address so i can take it with me (as i always have done over the years). Looks like the admin of my comp...

petenixon by Level 3
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I have successfully added the csapi-customer-1.0 API access via the API dashboard and can generate tokens. I know these tokens are valid, they work with all my other API requests. However, when I make CSAPI requests I get unexpected results. Any idea...

nauto by Level 1
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