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Adding MDS 9148 to Existing Nexus Fabric

Anthony Jentsch
Level 1
Level 1

I am in the process of adding 2 new MDS 9148s switches to our existing fabrics. We currently have to isolated fabrics. I need to add one MDS to each Nexus. The Nexus currently have 1 VSAN, 1 Zoneset, and is set  to basic mode. I want to add the new switch and have it copy over the existing Zone info from the Nexus which is in production. I have read multiple docs/post etc. but still dont have a clear answer as to the steps to accomplish this and a definitive answer as to disruption to the existing fabric. Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

on the new MDS, create the matching VSANs, and ensure they have a unique domain or

statically assign a unique domain to the new VSANs.

Do NOT create any zoning on the new switch.

once you connect the ISL links to the production switch, the new switch will acquire a copy of the zones/zoneset.





Thanks this is exactly what I was looking for.Another ??? If I want the new switch to be the Principal switch can I set the priority to do so and if so will this changing of the Principal switch in the fabric cause a disruption?



Hi Anthony,

Please be sure to change the priority on the new switch to be the principal switch before connecting the ISL links to the production switch.

This will prevent any unforeseen events while changing the priority and running the fdcomain restart command to apply the changes to the fcdomain running config.

you can apply and verify the fcdomain running and configured priority using:

fcdomain priority 1 vsan 100
fcdomain restart disruptive vsan 100 
show fcdomain domain-list van 100 


I hope this helps and please be sure to review the applicable documentation on CCO.




Thanks Carlos.