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Hi,   I would like to get some light on the below SAN output   SAN-SW-01# show fcdomain fcid persistent vsan 10Total entries 1. Persistent FCIDs table contents:VSAN WWN FCID Mask Used Assignment Interface---- ----------------------- -------- ------- ...

faizal_vi by Beginner
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Hello all .. Our server manager folks have been using the Cisco Fabric Manager as part of their support for our SAN. It has been installed on a windows 2008 system for a long time and they are pushing to move to Windows 2012. It seems that Fabric Man...

bberry by Beginner
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Hello,I am pretty much new to the CISCO MDS SAN switches. I have the understanding of the SAN concepts but looking for the Information on the CISCO MDS  SAN administration. Can someone please help me and provide the document for CISCO SAN administrat...

Hi,   I have two nexus 5672UPs and two HP c7000 chassis each on containing x5 BL460 G9cblades using B22HP FEX. On blade servers I used HP 536FLB CNAs. the problem I am facing here is that only 5 of them can register in Nexus 5672. all the configurati...

CoolMAK by Beginner
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All   I have inherited these 9148s my first question is, I am trying to log into it using the Web Cisco Device manager and it wants the device name. That is the device name I see when I plug directly into the device console port correct? and second, ...

I have query about the version 6.0.2.N1.2.bin? Can I straight upgrade the version from 6.0.2.N1.2.bin to 7.1.5.N1.1.bin? Any command important command that I can run to check the VSAN and SAN setting on the customer nexus switches? I worry about afte...

AndrewHow by Beginner
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Hi, We currently have ports 1 - 24 configured type Ethernet and 25-32 configured type FC. All the FC ports are in use There is a requirement for more FC connections. Ports 17-24 are not being used. Can I convert these to type FC. We have following li...

NO5 by Beginner
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Hello,   I would like to enable SmartZoning feature on a Cisco MDS fabric that currently has already its own classic zoning configuration on VSAN X.. My concern are about whats happen to the pre-existing zones of VSAN X once the feature is enabled......

duplo75 by Beginner
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