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VSAN default is error-misconfigured


We are getting a "VSAN default is error-misconfigured" error. I noticed they are not using SAN options under UCS. They are only using LAN.

How can I fix this? is it safe to change to another ID?

1 Accepted Solution

Accepted Solutions

Change the FCoE VLAN to a value different from 1 (eg. 4001, if this is available and free)

UCSM configuration guide says why

p 287 ff

Guidelines for FCoE VLAN IDs
FCoE VLANs in the SAN cloud and VLANs in the LAN cloud must have different IDs. Using the same
ID for an FCoE VLAN in a VSAN and a VLAN results in a critical fault and traffic disruption for all
vNICs and uplink ports using that FCoE VLAN. Ethernet traffic is dropped on any VLAN which has an
ID that overlaps with an FCoE VLAN ID.
VLAN 4048 is user configurable. However, Cisco UCS Manager uses VLAN 4048 for the following default
values. If you want to assign 4048 to a VLAN, you must reconfigure these values:
• After an upgrade to Cisco UCS, Release 2.0—The FCoE storage port native VLAN uses VLAN 4048
by default. If the default FCoE VSAN was set to use VLAN 1 before the upgrade, you must change it
to a VLAN ID that is not used or reserved. For example, consider changing the default to 4049 if that
VLAN ID is not in use.
• After a fresh install of Cisco UCS, Release 2.0—The FCoE VLAN for the default VSAN uses VLAN
4048 by default. The FCoE storage port native VLAN uses VLAN 4049.

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