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CBS220 slow to obtain IP address


I have a new CBS220-24T-4G switch and it is very slow to connect, obtain a lease, something when connecting computers. If I plug a computer direct into my router, it connects immediately.  If I go through the switch, it takes about 45 seconds to connect the device.  Once the device connects, there have been no issues.  I did do the firmware update to as soon as I got it.  Also, I have not made any changes to it, except to turn off the fun blinky lights that keep me from sleeping, to set a password, and to give it a static IP address for management.  

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Multiple forum posts said Spanning Tree might be the issue so I did try disabling that (and rebooting) but it made no difference so I undid it.  I'm not thinking bad cable because I have had zero stability or speed issues but unplugging most everything from the switch and trying a new cable are definitely on my to-do list.   

I can generally muddle through issues but am in no way an expert.  I've never seen an issue like this with a switch, they generally work or don't unless someone has been mucking around in them.  Also, while this thing does have a console port, I'd prefer to avoid that route of entry...  I've done it on some older Dell switches, but it was unpleasant and I still feel lucky I didn't brick one of them.

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 - Check port modes on the CBS220 and the device it connects to for obtaining an ip address ,watch for strange phenomena such as half duplex and incorrect speed , if any , (also check those port counters , look for errors)


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Sorry for the late reply.  I had a death in the family and had to travel for the funeral.  

I didn't see ANY errors on any port.  I did see in the log some entries about STP blocking, but I'm not savvy enough to know if that was a real delay or just one of those millisecond delays that only computers find real.

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CBS220-24T-4G switch and it is very slow to connect

all devices - any specific device - i wll do factory reset and test again.


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I did the factory reset and no changes.  Any possibility I have a dud switch?

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