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How to set SG200-08P to factory default settings

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We need to "reset" a SG200-08P switch back to the factory default settings and noted the "Quick Start Guide" implies the "Reset" button next to the power button doesn't exist and refers the user to the "Cisco Small Business Smart Switch Administration Guide" for instructions.  We couldn't find any information related to a "factory reset" in that document either.  Pressed the "paper clip button" on the switch but we still can't get in.  Any ideas?

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Hi Ken,

Did you hold the reset button for 30 seconds or just press it and release?

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Level 7

Hi Ken,

Did you hold the reset button for 30 seconds or just press it and release?

Thanks for the response!  We held it for about ten 30 seconds the trick?


     That did the trick!  We got in!  Thanks for the information



Thanks for the update!

I did not understand the politics of the reset to factory settings on the switch.

Pressing the reset SG 200-08P for more than 30 seconds the switch NOT back to its original condition. The System LED on the front panel blink and NOT the ip back to factory settings (

How do I figure out what is the ip of the switch?

Thanks in advance

If the front panel started to blink after you held the button for 30 seconds or more, that's a good sign and means its defaulted. But if that started on its own it could indicate a problem with the firmware. The LED should blink if the switch has not seen a DHCP server and is using its default IP address.

Make sure your network card is in the same subnet as the switch in its default condition. i.e. set a static ip address on a laptop for,  mask and gateway Connect direct to the switch then try browsing to or pinging the switch at If this does not work, report back and we can try a firmware recovery.

Another option is uplink the switch to a network with a DHCP server, wait for the LED to turn solid green then go on the DHCP server and find the address and login.


I tried again to access the switch by following your advice.

With static ip can not access the default IP (does not even get the ping)

Only connecting the switch to a DHCP server is configured to assign IP in the range of and and a laptop is assigned and monitored the ip to the laptop. With ping or browser via http addresses none of these answers.

Ship and then the switch back as you suggested.

Thanks for the support.


I had issue with my SG200-18, he lost connectivity with all the network after few days - several time.
Now I redo a factory reset with pressing more than 30 sec. It takes time before able to ping and access default - almost 5-8 minutes.

this time, I upgrade firmware to newer version. Hope that can sole my issue now. Ports if needed are put to Access mode.

Be sure to save you configuration before any power cycling (

Hope that can help




I'm at the point where I can not access my switch at the configured IP address, or the default IP address. I've performed the reset procedure a handful of times with no new results. Can you provide that firmware recovery procedure information? I've got a known good copy of the correct firmware, and tftp and dhcp services on standby, as I'm sure that's part of the process, but I can't find instructions online here, yet. Thanks for anything you can assist with.

- Carlos Diaz


Is the switch connected to a router or other DHCP server? If so, check the DHCP table to see what the new IP address of the switch is.

If the switch is connected only to your PC, then it will have In that case, configure a static IP on your PC:


Subnet Mask:

Default Gateway: Blank

DNS Servers: Blank

With those settings you should be able to reach the switch at

- Marty


Thanks for the reply. I removed all DHCP sources before attempting to power on the switch.  There is no pool from which a lease can be checked against.  I understand basic networking quite well, and teach it on a regular basis. The procedure I'm looking for is a recovery process for when the firmware currently being booted is suspected of being corrupt.  Do you know of or have such a procedure?

Thanks again,

- Carlos Diaz


There is no recovery procedure that I am aware of for the SG200-08. If you post the serial number I can tell you if it is covered under warranty. You can also call support and open a case:

- Marty