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SG220-26 VLANS PFSense


Excuse the newbie in me, VLANS are new to me and I've decided to practice and learn a little bit more about them.


I have a PFSense router box that I made, I have 3 VLANS assigned to one of the interfaces, each with their own DHCP server.


VLAN 10 -

VLAN 20 -

VLAN 30-


From my PFSense I have a connection configured as a trunk port going to my SG220-26 switch.  If I configure lets say port 8 on my switch as an access port, my non-VLAN aware device will lose connection.  If I configure the port as a general port it connects but to the default VLAN of 1.....


I am at a loss with VLANs, I thought they would be simple to implement, but after a few days I am at the point of walking away.


I know this is only a lab network, but I just want to implement this and really need some help to get this thing working.


Ask questions and I will provide the details needed.


I appreciate your time in helping me.

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Accepted Solutions

Hi, Just as FYI this has been solved, the issue was because I was using Oracle Virtualbox and this app does not has VLAN support as another payed virtualizers like Hyper-V or VMware where you can create a Virtual switch and allow there traffic between VLANS on physical devices and interfaces.


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