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SG300 - portsecurity

Tiago Reis

Hello all,

I have port security (with shutdown) on a sg300. I would like to know if when a errdisable occur if it’s possible to know which was the wrong mac address that was connected to that port in order to generate the shutdown

I would like to know either how can I clean the errdisable. I already tried shut/no shut and didn't work.

This cisco switch are pretty different from the others. 


Thanks in advance :)

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Hi Tiago,

Can you post the running-config of the port you are having trouble with?


Throwing packets since 2012

Hi Patrick,


I only have port security to one mac add: port security discard-shutdown. The mac-add that are connected stay as static.


I already found how can I clean the errdisable (is different from a "normal" cisco):

- errdisable recovery reset interface ...


- errdisable recovery port-security


I still looking for the answer to the main question... "which was the wrong mac address that was connected to that port in order to generate the shutdown" :)


Thanks a lot :)

Hi Tiago,

Looks like this document may help you find the commands you are looking for:

It appears section 28.32 and 28.33 may be helpful.  If all else fails, I would check the logs.  You can enable SNMP traps to be triggered when certain conditions are met, which may also help you find the MAC address that triggered the port shutdown.

Throwing packets since 2012
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