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2960S Switch dropping connection - USB3.0 to Ethernet

Phuong Trinh

I have a problem and not sure it relates to cisco switch. Here is the test case:

1. Linux box with USB 2.0 to ethernet connects to Cisco 2960S. This is working fine no lost packages when I ping the other windows box.

2. Same Linux box with USB 3.0 to ethernet connects Cisco 2960S. I have problem when I ping the Windows box, connections keep dropping.

Anyone see this problem before.




Leo Laohoo
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VIP Community Legend

Post the following outputs:

1.   sh logs;

2.  sh interface ; and

3.  sh controll e

Elton Babcock

I would guess driver issue possibly.

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I will get to the log today. Things are bugging me is the connection from USB worked with other 100Mb and 1Gb switches just fine only with the Cisco switch will give me problem. Also I have mutilple other connection types to the Cisco switch and they are woring fine. Not sure how to isolate this problem and I can't blame the driver yet becuase the problem is pointing to the combination of the 2 devices.

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