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Hi,I tried to connect a 1841 to a Linksys with a static route. I am able to ping from a computer in the 1841 to a computer in the linksys network, but I can't ping from a computer in the Linksys network to a computer in the 1841 network??Thanks,Louis

lgendreau by Beginner
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I just stepped out for break and when I came back I could not logon to new cisco router that I just switched on.As per procedure I have to remove the compact flash(CF). But I do not see CF on front and backside of router. Opened a top cover still do ...

Bought a used 2950 for CCNA labs. I have no IOS  and cannot get a successful transfer via xmodem. In ROMmon after the transfer  completes text shows up as gibberish, commands seem to  work. Text is normal after I reconnect. Dir flash: doesn't  show a...

Resolved! A Lot Of Vlans

Hi.I'm in the process of setting up a network. I wanted to know if the following scenarios are possible.2 SSIDs on Aironet 1041N, each with a separate VLANIP Phones connected to one VLAN, and the computer attached to it's built-in switchport on a dif...

zackmagee by Beginner
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I cant ping from PC0 to PC1 but able to ping from PC1 to PC0. I made it into diagram using packet tracer and I able to ping both sides.What could be the problem with configuration in network?Thanks.

chinux431 by Beginner
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Hi all, I was viewing following datasheethttp://www.cisco.com/en/US/prod/collateral/vpndevc/ps6032/ps6094/ps6120/product_data_sheet0900aecd802930c5.htmlin table 1, several items have "*" but their description is not given. Can someone tell me what to...

Jonn cos by Enthusiast
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I have a very slow network i have input errors and crc error please see attached filed and see if you have initial findings L2 Switched: ucast: 30699748 pkt, 2424085658 bytes - mcast: 5488306 pkt, 484304471 bytes L3 in Switched: ucast: 2467261715 pkt...

dsolangon by Beginner
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Hi everyone we are setting up a VMSpere Storage appliance and we have configured 2 SG300 switches with the 3 VMsphere servers so if 1 switch goes down we are still up and running.We use 2 SG200 switches for all the users but am not sure how do I conf...

Hello Folks,I have gone through many topics/discussion on this forum and found out that many users faced this problem before, and the answers to these problems never reached to a solution.I am hit by the same problem. I have a Cisco 6500 which has tw...

hrnaqvi12 by Beginner
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All,looking for some input.  I have 2 buildings separated by about 1000 feet.  We need to get them connected by Fiber.  about 100 people and IP phones in each building.  I am thinking 24 strand of single mode fiber as a starting point.  Can anyone te...