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3120 slot configuration


Is there a way from the command line of a 3120 (or even CNA) to reset a slot in the chassis?  We've been having odd behavior recently where a server will stop receiving.  I've tried going in and doing a shut/no shut on each of the interfaces associated with that slot but so far the only way we've been able to rectify this is to reload the master switch and let it fail to a new master.  I'm open to suggestions as to what may be causing this also.


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Reza Sharifi
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Hall of Fame Expert

From the 3120 switches, you do not have access to reset server slot in the chassis.  You have to login to the chassis itself to do maintenance on the server slots.  Usually, there is a 10/100 copper for out of band management that allows you to Web to the chassis.

If you have discovered that the issue is not the chassis but Cisco 3120 switches, then rebooting the server is not going to help.

Are these 3120s stacked?

Any log file on the switches showing abnormality?

Any crash file on the flash?

Is CPU utilization high?

What version of IOS are you running?


Thanks for the reply.  To answer your questions:

1. The 3120s are stacked

2. The only indication that I get from the logs that something is "wrong" is that all the interfaces associated with the affected slot go up and down. There are no memory errors or utilization errors or anything else to indicated a problem.

3. I didn't have crashinfo enabled on the switch

4. CPU utilization was around 10% during the issue.

5. I am running version 12.2(50)SE3

The odd thing about this is that it only affected 1 slot in the chassis.  This is the second chassis that this has happened to. Rebooting the server didn't help in either case.  Failing the master to a different switch in the chassis did fix the issue which is why I was wondering if there was a way to power off/on or resetting just one slot to make sure the physical slot itself isn't having some issue.  I'm not sure one way or another whether this is an issue with the switch or the chassis.  May be a combination of things.


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